Ryan Marine Inc. was established in 1998 as a versatile marine and charter service company that can accommodate commercial applications anywhere in to US and Caribbean. We continually add new equipment and personnel to meet the needs of the government and the marine and science communities. Our USCG certified captains come with many years of experience on commercial, private, and military vessels. With their experience and skills, Ryan Marine’s captains and crew can accommodate your needs by adapting the vessels and equipment to your specific requirements.

Ryan Marine recently expanded our operating area to now include the Gulf of Mexico. The R&R has just gone thru a major refit with the removal of the fly bridge, transom, and the addition of a new deck crane. The R&R has now become a much more versatile vessel. She is now based out of Panama City FL.

The MV R&R

The MV R&R is a custom-built 48′ Chesapeake and is well equipped for coastal research along with personnel movement ranging from day trips to extended cruises up and down the eastern seaboard. MORE DETAILS

The RV Discovery

The R/V Discovery is a 65′ Stapleton, designed and well-suited for coastal research and dive operations ranging from day trips to extended cruises. The R/V Discovery’s captains and crew have extensive experience in coastal research and dive operations working primarily on the East Coast. MORE DETAILS

Marine Services

Coastal research is a viable and necessary commodity in today’s global marine community. Ryan Marine Inc. has the vessels and experience with ROVs, AUVs, multibeam, ADCP, side scan, bottom sampling, fixed subsurface deployments and much more. MORE DETAILS