Bathymetric Survey

bathymetric-survey1The Ryan Marine vessels, R/V Discovery and MV R&R, are the preferred vessels for bathymetric surveys, bottom sampling, and side scan surveys. Both ships have rigid mount poles for multibeam surveys and can be quickly adapted with their quick mount plates for other applications. The R/V Discovery and MV R&R are also capable of deploying ROVs, AUVs, and towfish for side scan surveys.

Ryan Marine has been involved in doing charts for NOAA, shipwreck surveys and other related work for WHOI, the Navy, several other institutions, and the private sector.

The R/V Discovery is capable of multiday trips with a science party of up to 8 and a fuel range of 2500 NM. The MV R&R is best suited for day ops up to 48 hours and a fuel range of 200 NM. On day trips the MV R&R has a COI for up to 49 passengers.